Time tracking

Precision right down to the second


Fast, comfortable, efficient: the time tracker in Office® does it all. The digitalised process makes life for you and your employees as easy as can be. This doesn’t just lay the foundations for error-free payroll accounting, it also saves you a lot of time.

Plus our smart software automatically calculates classic extras like night and shift premiums and public holiday or weekend premiums.


Less bureaucracy, more time

Excel lists or hand-written time sheets are things of the past: the time tracker in Office® saves you time and resources. Your employees make a record of working hours data remotely from the customer’s location using the web-based time tracker. They securely enter their working hours over their internet browser with password authentication. Your employees also have the option of using a time tracking terminal at the customer’s location to record working hours data using a coded chip. All time values are transferred to your temporary staffing software in real time and are readily available for processing. prosoft’s time tracker will make sure you never miss a beat!


Take the pressure off your payroll department

The documentation of working hours is the basis for accurate payroll accounting. In Office®, you record hours worked and hours invoiced in one simple work step – for convenient payroll accounting with low risk of error. All working hours data is securely transferred to your temporary staffing software in real time. Automatic working hours corrections ensure maximum time tracking precision. This gives you the certainty that your payroll department is only working with the correct data.


Individual order conditions

No one knows it better than you: every order is unique. The same goes for tracking working hours: order-specific conditions such as night and shift premiums and public holiday or weekend premiums have to be taken into consideration. The time tracking module in Office® lets you track your orders individually – while keeping effort to a minimum. Order-specific premiums and bonuses are applied automatically. As are individually definable breaks and grace periods before or after set shifts.