Temporary Employment Law (AÜG) reform with AÜOffice®

with AÜG reform–optimised functions

Software-based AÜG reform compliance:
the update for our industry-leading software AÜOffice®.

Equal pay

Equal pay: Equal pay with less effort – with AÜOffice®

Equal pay term length compliance
Office® calculates order- and customer-specific term lengths right down to the day. Interruptions of three months or less and previous assignment durations are automatically applied. Thanks to the freely configurable warning notifications, you no longer need to check orders two or three times to avoid expensive fines.

Correct calculation of equal pay
When equal pay is due, temporary employees get the same compensation as permanent employees in the customer’s company. In Office®, you have a record of all permanent employee conditions so that you can determine the correct amount.

Equal Pay

Record relevant compensation components for equal pay.

Your employee has the right to identical compensation components to a permanent employee in a similar position in the customer’s company, including basic wage, premiums and special bonuses. When determining equal pay, it is not enough to simply copy the conditions of the permanent employees: your employee must not be put in a worse position than before as a result of equal pay (protection of vested rights). A total pay comparison with Office® ensures you stay on the safe side.

You simply create an order with the conditions from a permanent employee to serve as a basis for the total pay comparison. The integrated traffic light system indicates where back payments are due and to what amount while also taking into account the protection of vested rights. If back payments are necessary, you can adjust and transfer them to payroll accounting with a click of your mouse.


Trying to work out the maximum assignment duration? Let us take care of that.

Put down your calculator and leave the number crunching to us. Simply deposit your customer, employee and order data in Office® and the software calculates when the maximum assignment duration has been reached. Right down to the day. All AÜG-specific exceptions are also taken into account.

Reliable AÜG reform compliance

From 2018, the consequences of the AÜG reform will also be felt in day-to-day operations in the form of equal pay and maximum assignment duration. The theoretical part may be difficult to digest, but the trick is to implement it as simply as possible in practice. Not forgetting to consider all legal pitfalls and exceptions such as deviating term lengths or protection of vested rights.

We have translated all important changes in the AÜG reform for you in practical functions in our industry-leading software Office®. No matter if you’re dealing with maximum assignment duration or equal pay: Office® calculates due dates and term lengths right down to the day. The integrated total pay comparison for equal pay tells you at a glance where back payments are due. Specific customer and order conditions, such as where a relevant wage agreement is in place, are taken into account on an individual basis. And timely warning notifications make sure that you keep all your deadlines in check. We’ll make sure you stay on the safe side.