Sanctions list screening

Your virtual alarm system


Spot a black sheep from a mile away and react instantly – our smart sanctions list screener makes it possible. It screens all potential employees and instantly recognises threats amongst candidate profiles. To do so. it automatically compares all relevant data with current counter-terrorism lists – including both European and American lists.


Fully automated screening of counter-terrorism lists

Employing or doing business with a terrorist or suspected terrorist has legal consequences: companies are not allowed to financially support terrorists. That means that US and EU counter-terrorism lists have to be checked regularly. The problem: the lists are updated frequently and the data structure is not consistent. That entails a lot of staff effort and time commitment. The automatic sanctions list screener in Office® saves you time and resources.

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Sanctions list screening with the press of a button

With our software, you receive the complete sanctions lists in a workable format. Simply activate the sanctions list screening by checking the box. Office® compares master data with current counter-terrorism lists and shows you the percentages of agreement. The comparison includes both EU and US lists. Newly created profiles are screened directly. Changes to master data (e.g. name, date of birth) are automatically taken into account by the screener.

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Intuitive overview of results

The results of the comparison give a percentage of agreement between the screened individuals and the counter-terrorism lists. You can define a minimum value for match probability: if you enter a value of, say, 50%, all results with an agreement of 50% or more will be displayed. You can flick through all matches using your mouse (from high to low agreement). After each screening, you are informed by a system notification should a match have been made. The results are accessible in your software at any time.

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