Personnel deployment

Planning with the pro


Balanced personnel deployment is a clear competitive advantage and the cornerstone of productive work. Working with L1 is like unleashing a full-on control freak to deal with your orders and assignments: our software keeps track of everything at all times and informs you immediately of all employee assignments, holidays, orders and more, proving itself as a reliable planning partner. This demand-based personnel deployment tool lets you respond flexibly in any situation and ensures you get the success you deserve.


Flexible deployment planning regardless of order volume

Recruitment agents working in temporary staffing know how much organisation counts: they have to react flexibly to volatile order volumes and economic fluctuations. With a demand-based deployment strategy you can blow the competition out of the water and show your customers that they can count on you. Make sure your agents keep their cool in stormy times with the practical planning tool in L1: it features an up-to-date overview of all orders and assignments for impeccable deployment planning.

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Up-to-date deployment planning

Your recruitment agents will be able to keep track of all orders at all times, even at peak order volumes: the planning wizard shows them when an employee is deployed with a customer (productive section). The calendar also displays unproductive times such as holidays. Coloured markers facilitate navigation and ensure a high level of usability. Your agents can quickly recognise vacancies with the planning wizard and select suitable employees in L1 to fill the positions.

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Fast communication

Your recruitment agents have to act fast when a new order comes in – otherwise your competitors will. L1 speeds up communication processes and lets you centrally access important contacts. You can manage all contact data with a click of your mouse. Your team can directly access the data and documents they need in the software. You need to contact a specific person and you need to do it now! Then simply use the select function: this intelligent search lets you find the contact you need in a matter of seconds. Another advantage: L1 offers an integrated occupational safety module for increased safety.

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