Order management

Manage big data fast


Your daily business consists of a massive tidal wave of data – new information is washed ashore with every order and it’s your job to process it meaningfully. L1 is your personal compass to keep you on course and guarantee stress-free order management. With our software, the integrated order calculator including margin calculation and the unique order management system mean that you always have two feet on dry land. Profit from the simplified, user-friendly and intuitive work steps.


Centrally manage orders

Savour each and every order: with L1, you can keep a cool head during peak order volumes. You have an overview of all orders thanks to the clearly structured data log. You can create a new order with a few clicks in your temporary staffing software. Important data is displayed in the order: employee and staff number, assignment location, qualifications of the worker and much more. It is instantly clear to you whether a temporary work contract has been made, which recruitment agent is responsible and who the employer is.

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Practical functions for your order management

Our user-friendly software simplifies individual work steps to enable comfortable order processing. You can simply copy identical order data and save yourself the hassle of creating the order file from scratch. The integrated order calculator with margin calculation as well as a proactive quality management system give you more foresight in your order management. Use the integrated search function to find order data fast. These functions facilitate task management, saving you time to use on other core responsibilities.

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Numerous settings options and lists

You can quickly edit and supplement customer and employee conditions for your order – for instance by adding additional payment and bonus types. Fixed shifts including possible premiums/bonuses can also be added. Select the correct order status with your mouse (e.g. new assignment, replacement). If you are planning a visit to your customer’s location, you can record relevant data such as induction duration. Do you need an overview of your orders? The software has different lists to make your work easier (e.g. a list of the order conditions).

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