Maximum assignment duration

Always up to date


Stay up to date at all times! Our software uses your input data to think one step ahead and notifies you immediately when the maximum assignment duration of an employee has been reached. And that doesn’t just go for the classic 18-month period either, it also takes exceptions into account. These deviations can be easily entered manually and our smart solution will automatically adjust the term length.


Exact calculations, exceptions included

Put down your calculator and leave the number crunching to us. Simply deposit your customer, employee and order data in L1 and the software calculates when the maximum assignment duration has been reached. Right down to the day. All AÜG-specific exceptions are taken into account. If your employee was employed by the customer in the last six months, the ‘revolving door clause’ takes effect: warning notifications safeguard you so that your agents can plan all assignments without falling into any traps.

Exact calculations, exceptions included Bild


Assignments within the same company

The calculation of maximum assignment duration takes into account assignments within a specific company: if employees change branch or location within the same company, the term length does not start over. In L1, you simply link assignment periods that belong together and the software determines the correct term lengths. Relevant previous assignment durations with the same customer can be recorded in the employee database – the information you enter is automatically taken into account for the calculation of term lengths (employee-specific).

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Automatic term length adjustment in the case of deviations

The wage agreement of a specific industry can specify deviating term lengths. As a result, temporary staffing companies must check the wage agreements of their customers for deviations and adjust the term length accordingly. L1 significantly simplifies the process. If the wage agreement or works agreement of the customer deviates from the statutory 18 months, the software offers the solution: simply select “Deviation” from the dropdown menu and enter the correct number of months. L1 adjusts the term length automatically.

Automatic term length adjustment in the case of deviations Bild