Industry premiums

Hundreds of variations, one solution


Nobody is perfect: there are disagreements in every relationship once in a while. When it comes to temporary staffing, the many different industry premiums are often what get people out of sorts. L1 is the ultimate answer to this problem. It calculates term lengths and industry premiums fully automatically and even finds the time to consider individual customer conditions. Sounds like the perfect partner, right? This will make sure you and your industry-specific challenges get back on course in no time. It will be love at first sight.


Accurately record industry premiums

Industry premiums serve to gradually even out the wages of temporary and permanent staff. This attractive compensation model goes hand in hand with more administrative work for companies: the premiums are not standardised and vary according to industry and period of employment. How can companies easily account for complex industry premiums and reduce the work required? L1 offers an intelligent solution to get on top of the topic of industry premiums.

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Fully automated calculations

Complexity made simple: L1 lets you account for varying industry premiums quickly and error-free. The calculation of term lengths and industry premiums is done fully automatically, saving you a considerable amount of time. Individual customer conditions, extra pay exceeding industry pay scales or periods of interruption can be configured individually. Plus the automated update services immediately recognise current changes: all valid industry pay scales are automatically registered and updated. So that you never miss a deadline, the integrated warning system reminds you when agreements are to due to expire.

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Cap on the 6th industry premium level

In L1, you choose whether you determine industry premium levels pursuant to German Civil Code (BGB) Section 187 (2) sentence 1, Section 188 (2) sentence 2 or Section 191: you simply select the option of your choice by checking the box. You can also cap the 6th industry premium level: you simply take the compensation components of a permanent employee in a similar position and cap them. L1 flags upcoming deadlines so that you can ask your customers for a reference compensation in good time.

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