Equal Pay

Fair play without the bureaucracy


Since 1 April 2017, the buzzword ‘equal pay’ isn’t budging from the topic of work compensation. It has redefined the rules of the game and guarantees complete fair play in terms of compensation. A great thing, but one that comes hand in hand with a lot of additional effort. At the end of the day it means that a lot of back payments are due, new due dates and terms are about to start and penalties are hovering over those who don’t comply, something you would prefer to avoid. L1 conveniently takes on all of your bureaucratic processes and automatically calculates everything of importance. It’s a pre-programmed win-win situation.

equal pay

Automating equal pay

We have translated the most important changes in the AÜG reform for you in practical functions in our industry software L1. L1 calculates due dates and term lengths for equal pay right down to the day. The integrated total pay comparison tells you at a glance where back payments are due. Specific customer and order conditions, such as where a relevant wage agreement is in place, are taken into account on an individual basis.

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equal pay

Equal pay term length compliance

L1 calculates order- and customer-specific term lengths right down to the day. Interruptions of three months or less and previous assignment durations are automatically applied. Divergent term lengths are not a problem either: the software checks for you whether a newly brokered industry premium wage agreement has been made and adjusts the calculations accordingly. Equal pay with the 6th industry premium level is implemented automatically. Thanks to the configurable warning notifications, you don’t have to check orders multiple times to avoid the risk of penalties.

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equal pay

Total pay comparison for equal pay

Your employee has the right to identical compensation components to a permanent employee in a similar position, including basic wage, premiums and special bonuses. When determining equal pay, it is not enough to simply copy the conditions of the permanent employees: your employee must not be put in a worse position as a result of equal pay (protection of vested rights). A total pay comparison ensures you stay on the safe side: as a basis for the total pay comparison, you simply create a new order with the reference conditions. The integrated traffic light system indicates where back payments are due and to what amount.

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