Employee management

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Put an end to paper chaos! L1 is your ticket to stress-free employee management with a crystal-clear structure. Our software brings all forms, documents and information together in one place – all important data is just one click away as if by magic. Practical features such as the control function keep track of all important dates. L1 is your secret weapon for administrative success.


Greater efficiency for your employee management

Seamless management where you never lose your overview? No tedious searches for documents that mysteriously disappeared? L1 makes every HR department’s dream a reality: the centralised employee manager gives you a clear overview of all important data and documents. The software brings all forms and documents together in one system. The advantage: you can access your data at any time and find the information you need in seconds.

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Take the pressure off your HR department

Short communication channels, no troublesome duplication of data and seamless synchronisation: Take the pressure off your HR team and minimise unnecessary effort. Your team can cut out long, tedious searches and find the documents they need with the click of a mouse: the intelligent search function delivers the required data immediately – and your team can act fast. Misplaced documents and long, tedious searches are a thing of the past. L1 streamlines your organisational and employee management processes.

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Practical functions for administrative processes

Punctuality and organisation are cornerstones of a functional management system. WithL1, your employees don’t lose sight of upcoming deadlines: the integrated control function keeps track of important dates. The software includes many functions for the optimisation of processes such as the automatic processing of time and holiday sheets. L1 lets you reduce the error rate of susceptible management processes and take the pressure off your team in daily administrative tasks.

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