Data protection and GDPR

GDPR compliance included


As a staffing agency, you probably saw the EU General Data Protection Regulation as an unbeatable final boss in a video game. No wonder – after all, the mainstay of your work consists of vast amounts of personal data. But don’t panic: with L1, you have your very own data protection officer in the team to ensure exemplary GDPR compliance. One of its biggest strengths is the intelligent deletion system that immediately notifies you of which data belongs in the recycling bin. This ensures that you stay on top of the game when it comes to data protection.


GDPR compliance

Since 25 May 2018, all controllers and processors of personal data have to adhere to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The EU GDPR is a regulation that standardises data protection law in all EU member states. It specifies the rights of affected parties and the obligations of data-processing parties. Companies in the recruitment sector are faced with the task of adjusting their data protection processes and maintaining compliance.

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Deletion system for personal data

L1 offers different functions for your GDPR compliance. The software features a sophisticated deletion system so that you can delete personal data reliably and on time. L1 lets you specify the date when the data should be deleted: you define after how many days newly stored data should be deleted. Mass deletions, e.g. data from candidates, contact persons, customers or interested parties, are also possible.

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Encryption with password authentication

To ensure secure data transmission, you can password encrypt cover letters and payslips that you send to your employees with the gotomaxx PDFMailer: this means a password is required to open the PDF attachments. The documents can only be seen once the correct password has been entered. In this way you can protect sensitive files from unauthorised access by third parties. L1 gives you the option of activating the password for the web-based time tracker to encrypt your payslips and employee cover letters.

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