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Simplify operational processes

Temporary staffing companies have to master complex tasks: management, coordination and communication take a lot of time and resources. Our highly specialised industry solution L1 facilitates operational processes in temporary staffing to optimise the use of resources. The software simplifies individual work steps for your employees and speeds up communication. You centrally manage all of your data in a one-stop solution.


Take the pressure off your HR team

L1 is your one-stop software solution for managing all of your employee data. The advantage: you can access information instantly and always have your documents at the ready. The search function lets you find the data you are looking for immediately. If changes are made, the system synchronises the data without skipping a beat – to ensure seamless, secure processing. This modern, software-based management system takes the pressure off your staff in their day-to-day work and reduces the time and effort required for administrative processes. The software also enables fast processing and decision-making for a cutting-edge management set-up.

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Flexible, demand-based deployment planning

The digital planning wizard in L1 is the perfect tool for dynamic, demand-based deployment planning: an up-to-the-minute overview means that recruitment agents never lose sight of orders and assignments. The planning wizard shows them when an employee is deployed with a customer. Coloured markers facilitate navigation and ensure a comfortable user experience. You can use the select function to instantly find the contacts you are looking for: in one click you will see all important contact details, conditions, orders and assignments.

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Complicated made easy

Industry premiums vary depending on the industry and nature of employment. Your employees have to keep an eye on current pay scales. The industry premium module in L1 displays all valid industry premiums: the industry pay scales are automatically registered and updated to account for current changes. The fully automated calculation of term lengths and industry premiums facilitates the accurate calculation of all premiums. Customer conditions and extra pay exceeding industry pay scales can be considered individually and are easy to configure. The integrated warning system reminds you when agreements are due to expire.

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equal Pay

Reliable term determination and total pay comparison

L1 tells you immediately when equal pay is due and can accurately calculate back payments. prosoft’s temporary staffing software is tailored to the AÜG reform (German Temporary Employment Act reform), which facilitates compliance with AÜG regulations. L1 calculates equal pay term lengths right down to the day – AÜG-specific exceptions such as previous assignment durations and interruptions are taken into account. Deviations are also covered by the software. Use the total pay comparison to reliably calculate equal pay. An intuitive traffic light system indicates where back payments are due and to what amount.

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Calculate term lengths down to the day

L1 automatically calculates term lengths in line with maximum assignment duration. Previous assignment durations, interruptions and assignments within a specific company are taken into account: the software integrates important AÜG exceptions when determining term lengths. Does the wage agreement or works agreement of the customer deviate from the statutory 18 months? Then simply take a note of the correct number of months and L1 will automatically adjust the term length. Lists and warnings show you at a glance if your worker is permitted to be assigned to a customer again. We’ll make sure you stay on the safe side.

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Efficient order management

L1 gives you the time to savour every order! You can easily overcome floods of orders using the order manager. This user-friendly solution simplifies individual work steps to enable comfortable order processing. Your order data is available at any time and you can respond fast. Using the search function, just enter the desired key word and all required data will be at your disposal at the click of a button. For far-sighted calculations, L1 offers a practical order calculator including margin calculation as well as a proactive quality management system.

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Kiss your time sheet goodbye

L1 records the working hours data of your employees reliably and precisely. With the web-based time tracker 2.0, you can process this data securely and comfortably. You also have the option of using a time tracking terminal on site on your customer’s premises. All working hours data is transferred to your temporary staffing software in real time. Especially practical for your payroll department: Hours worked and hours invoiced are recorded by the software in one work step. Order-specific conditions are applied automatically – such as night and shift premiums. This precise time tracker with automatic working hours correction will save you serious time!

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To ensure everything adds up to the dot

The prosoft-Lohn module offers many practical functions for increased efficiency in your payroll accounting: the software provides reliable support in all work steps related to payroll accounting. Your accounting is taken care of fully automatically, saving you time and giving you peace of mind. The software offers automatic completeness and plausibility checks for accurate accounts. Social security contributions and estimated contributions are calculated automatically. You can simply transfer all wage-relevant working hours data from the L1 time tracker. Plus you stay up to date thanks to regular updates of all rate changes and contributions.

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Sophisticated data protection concept

We put a lot of importance on data protection in our software solutions: L1 includes practical functions for GDPR compliance and secure data transmission. You can securely encrypt cover letters, payslips and other documents with a password. In this way you can protect your files from unauthorised access by third parties. For the timely deletion of personal data, our software offers a date-based deletion system – mass deletions are also possible.

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Compliance for companies

Companies are not permitted to financially support terrorists or terror organisations or do business with them. Regular sanctions list screenings are necessary to make sure you really are one hundred percent legally watertight, and daily internet research is a must to stay on top of current list updates. With L1, however, you can save yourself the gruelling research and manual checks. The automatic sanctions list screener compares people on EU and US counter-terror lists with the data in your software. All results (with percentages of agreement) are then available for you to flick through at your leisure.

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