Task management

To-do lists that check all the boxes


You love ticking off to-do lists, celebrating partial successes and keeping sight of every step along the way? We do too! That’s why we developed a task manager that will put an end to the paper chaos on your desk and transform all process steps into a crystal-clear virtual reality. Practical to-do lists give you a clear overview, due dates prevent the embarrassment of forgetting something, prioritisations help you get things straight and the task timeline lets you keep a keen eye on progress.


How you can easily cross off your to-dos

Manage your tasks with the right tool: The task manager in prosoftrecruiting© lets you easily create your own tasks and subtasks. This feature facilitates team cooperation and enables transparent task processing. You prioritise your to-dos, set due dates and assign tasks to selected users or groups. The status bar indicates the progress of tasks as a percentage.

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Task timeline for the perfect overview

The task timeline ensures more transparent task management: you can keep track of all process steps chronologically in the timeline. You see when a process step has been completed and by whom. You can also comment on tasks using the comment function: this facilitates team cooperation and increases your task management efficiency. The practical filter makes the timeline especially manageable: you decide for yourself what should be displayed in the list (e.g. only e-mail communications). You can use the key word search to instantly find the entries you are looking for.

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Notifications for deadline management

With prosoftrecruiting© you won’t miss another deadline: the software lets you define individual notifications to remind you of important deadlines. You can keep a clear overview of the due dates and progress of your tasks at all times. Status notifications keep you informed about current application process status. In prosoftrecruiting©, you individually define what notifications you wish to receive (e.g. new online applications).

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