Maximum connectivity


Good teamwork is not just decisive for you and your colleagues: good software should always be capable of interacting with many other interfaces. prosoftrecruiting© is a real multi-talent in that regard! Links to third-party software, social media channels or the job board for the German Federal Employment Agency are a breeze for our smart software.


eBay & FEA job board

The job board of the German Federal Employment Agency is a central channel for employers: the FEA interface in prosoftrecruiting© lets you conveniently post your ad in the job board. An equally interesting prospect for the multi-channel strategy is presented by the job portal on eBay: this heavily frequented portal has a lot of listings for assistants, production jobs and service positions. With this interface to eBay, you can publish your ad on their platform with the click of a button. An intuitive preview feature lets you edit your ad.

eBay & FEA job board Bild


Import candidates to your temporary staffing software

Have you found suitable candidates with prosoftrecruiting©? Congratulations! We have good news for you: the interface with Office® means you don’t have to waste time creating employee profiles from scratch. Just approve successful candidates for export by changing their status and import them as new employees into Office®. All relevant data and skills are transferred. To quickly locate imported candidates, simply utilise the filter function in your temporary staffing software.

Import candidates to your temporary staffing software Bild