Data protection

Safety First


In May of this year, the topic of data protection was standardised in Europe with the GDPR. So that your customers' data is safe in line with this new regulation, prosoftrecruiting© manages it in a highly secure environment. In the “Data protection” menu item, you can see when and for what a candidate gave his or her consent at any time. An integrated deletion list rounds off the system by showing all candidates that have to be deleted within two weeks.


Data protection in accordance with the EU’s GDPR

Data protection is an important matter for recruiters and one that was stirred up a lot by the General Data Protection Regulation. prosoftrecruiting© offers sophisticated functions for GDPR compliance: the software includes an extra data protection menu which you can access at any time to get an overview of information relevant to data protection. This includes, for instance, at what time specific candidates gave their consent for the processing of their data and when it expires. You can obtain the consent conveniently via the online application form or e-mail link. In prosoftrecruiting©, you can create copies of personal data for candidates with a click of your mouse and send them directly by e-mail. 

Data protection in accordance with the EU’s GDPR Bild


More data security for protection and trust

You want to send documents in a secure way? prosoftrecruiting© lets you send PDF profiles and other attachments with password authentication. Our solution is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud – one of the most secure cloud solutions worldwide. Your data is encrypted and transferred to a fail-safe data centre and unauthorised data traffic is blocked. Regular compliance checks and updates ensure seamless protection. Back-up functions and disaster recovery safeguard you in case of emergency.

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Keep a tight reign on data protection

Candidate data is only permitted to be stored temporarily and for a specific purpose. Time-consuming deletion tables are a thing of the past with prosoftrecruiting©: all candidates that are due for deletion within 14 days will be displayed in the integrated deletion list. If you require consent for an extended period of data storage, you have enough time to intervene. You can keep track of all deletions using the deletion log. If you wish to mass delete multiple profiles at once (e.g. only locksmiths), just use the filter function.

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