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The “PerfectMatch©” tool cuts through high application volumes by filtering out the best candidates in advance. How? The algorithm compares your required criteria with the candidate’s profile. prosoftrecruiting© presents you with the results using a traffic light system. This intuitive suitability ranking system quickly indicates which candidates have the green light and which get flagged up as red. That doesn’t just save time, it also lets you get straight in touch with your #PerfectMatch© – without having to kiss too many frogs first.


Find your perfect candidate with

Find your perfect match using prosoft’s intelligent matching algorithm: PerfectMatch© compares the job requirements with candidate profiles in a matter of seconds based on selected suitability criteria. You can choose between a number of criteria from the German Federal Employment Agency’s skills catalogue or define your own. This ensures that you find exactly that candidate who best meets your criteria and those of your customer.

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Choose suitable matching criteria

The candidate matching function in prosoftrecruiting© lets you quickly filter candidates based on freely selectable criteria. In the skills manager, you can manage all the skills you wish to be taken into consideration by the tool: use the skills catalogue provided by the Federal Employment Agency or define your own. The CV parser automatically reads and extracts skills from submitted CVs. PerfectMatch© considers numerous criteria such as salary range, mobility or willingness to work shifts. You can individually weigh your criteria for a match tailored to your requirements. The matching tool can even factor in the validity of certificates (e.g. work permits).

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Intuitive suitability ranking

The results of the matching give you the precise percentage of agreement between the candidate profile and the job requirements. The intuitive traffic light system shows you straight away which candidates are a particularly good fit. You can see the precise suitability of candidates for each vacancy. Maybe you will discover candidates in this way that you didn’t even have on your radar!  You can indicate whether a candidate is interested in a position by checking the box in your watch list.

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