Active sourcing

Fishing for candidates


Really good candidates can’t be found like grains of sand on a beach – sometimes you have to dive a little deeper to impress your customers with the very best pearls of the candidate field. Have you discovered a top candidate on XING? Congratulations! What you need now is our active sourcing plug-in! Make sure you’re not wasting time with tedious manual data transfers and import profiles directly into your system with just a few clicks. This leaves more time for getting in touch – and hopefully the candidate bites.

active sourcing

prosoftsourcing: Import profiles with a click of your mouse

Active sourcing is an important recruiting channel: it is easier to reach candidates, especially passive ones, by getting directly in touch. The XING social network is a real treasure trove in that regard. However: manually transferring all data from a profile is a time-consuming endeavour. With prosoftsourcing you can save yourself the effort: the software offers its own plug-in for the importation of XING data. You simply log into your account and open the candidate’s profile. By clicking on “Import profile”, the data is automatically transferred to prosoftrecruiting©. All imported profile data, such as master data, skills and contact details, can be found in your inbox.

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active sourcing

Cutting-edge recruiting

XING offers an inexhaustible supply of candidate profiles: you can uncover true gems there. With over 13 million users, the platform numbers among the largest career networks in the DACH region. The user profiles offer valuable information on the career histories of candidates. Recruiters can use the platform to pick out suitable users and contact them directly.

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active sourcing

Create candidate profiles

You can transfer your XING imports to your candidate pool in just a few clicks: just click on the “Transfer to candidate pool” button and the data is automatically transferred. The software takes all master and contact data, weighted skills and information on career history. Of course, you can check and edit all information afterwards! You then just have to save the profile and there you have it – a complete candidate profile in prosoftrecruiting©.

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