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Workflow-optimised candidate management    

prosoft’s modern e-recruiting software simplifies your candidate management by breaking it down into individual work steps: it’s a mobile-friendly solution that lets you define your workflows and tasks for efficient processes. You centrally manage all data and documents in prosoftrecruiting©. The software also offers fine-tuned functions to maximise qualified applications. Our software is also available in English on request!


Ads in line with your corporate identity                

prosoftrecruiting© lets you create job advertisements true to your own corporate identity for an attractive image of your brand as an employer. With the ad configurator you can design your ad with just a few clicks – without the need for professional experience in layout and graphics. You choose your layout and header image and place your logo with a few taps of your finger. You can also select what elements of your ad are visible by checking the boxes. In addition, the software offers practical extras such as embedding Google Maps into your ad and the option of adding a WhatsApp mobile number.                                     

Ads in line with your corporate identity</span><span>                 Bild


Never lose sight of the bigger picture 

prosoftrecruiting© offers you two practical lists for optimal organisation: the candidate list presents you with a list of the most important candidate details (e.g. contact details, application status, date of availability) while the vacancy list gives you an instant overview of important vacancy details such as channels of publication and status. For more detailed information simply click on the vacancy or candidate in question. Inactive candidates/vacancies can be hidden from view and recalled later simply by checking the boxes.

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Reach more candidates

Have you created an attractive job advertisement? Then make sure it gets found by the right people: the multi-posting tool in prosoftrecruiting© lets you place your ad in over 100 selected job portals with a tap of your finger. This multiplied distribution of your ad increases its reach and ensures that its noticed by more candidates. You compile all desired job portals in a shopping cart in the software – simply add your favourites to the watch list. The KPIs on your dashboard (e.g. effectiveness of recruiting channel) show you which channels work best.

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cv parsing

Make things easier for candidates and employees

As online consumers, candidates are accustomed to positive user experiences. You can make sure your application process is up to speed: prosoftrecruiting© gives candidates a comfortable online application experience without unnecessary hurdles. The multi-lingual CV parsing tool extracts all relevant information from application documents and automatically transfers it into the applicable application form fields. It saves your clerical team from typing everything up too: the parsing tool transfers the information directly to prosoftrecruiting©.

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Matching capabilities that meet your expectations

prosoft’s matching algorithm presents you with a selection of perfectly suited candidates, letting you respond to customer demands faster than ever. PerfectMatch© runs a comparison between job requirements and candidate profiles using selected criteria. You define the skills you are looking for, for instance using the skills catalogue from the German Federal Employment Agency as a template, and in that way tailor the match criteria to your requirements. The skills can be individually categorised using a traffic light system. The candidate matching tool also considers numerous other criteria alongside skills, such as willingness to work shifts, salary expectations, validity of certificates and much more.

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Intelligent workflow management

You want to save time and resources? prosoftrecruiting© sharpens up your work processes and shortens communication channels. The software lets you freely define your workflows. The numerous direct actions are an especially practical feature for speeding up your processes: In prosoftrecruiting©, you execute important commands with a tap of your finger – such as sending decision pending letters or interview invitations. You can keep track of candidates in your contact history and keep all involved parties up to date. Candidates and customers will value you as a particularly reliable partner thanks to your fast feedback times.

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Transparent task management and collaborative work

Even the highest mountain of work can be tackled with the right management behind it: the task manager in prosoftrecruiting© facilitates collaborative work and coordination of tasks between those involved. You define new tasks (and subtasks) in the software with the tap of a finger and set due dates and level of priority. If necessary, you can assign your to-dos to someone else or a group. You can keep track of all activities in the task timeline to ensure transparent task management. The progress bar indicates the current progress of each task.

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active sourcing

Active sourcing made easy

“Posting and praying” is no longer a viable solution for most employers: active sourcing measures are an important addition to your mix of channels. This involves directly approaching candidates to make them aware of your company. So that you can transfer your actively sourced candidates straight into the software, prosoftrecruiting© offers a profile parsing tool (prosoftsourcing). You import attractive XING profiles into your candidate management software just by clicking on them. This means that the data is available immediately and saves you transferring everything manually.

Active sourcing made easy Bild


Conforming to the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in force for all controllers and processors of personal data since 25 May 2018. prosoftrecruiting© provides you with your own data protection menu to give you control over individual data protection settings. The menu includes important information such as the date and scope of your candidates’ consent. You can  obtain the consent conveniently via the online application form or e-mail link. The software offers a clever deletion concept so that you can act on time when your candidate profiles are due for deletion.

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Hassle-free coordination with customers

You want to present your customer with attractive candidate profiles with no time to lose? prosoftrecruiting© simplifies the communication process between you and your customers. You can send suitable candidate profiles to your customer in a matter of seconds as an e-mail link, PDF or attachment. To do so, you can choose the appropriate profile template (e.g. an anonymous profile) in prosoftrecruiting©. Your customers also benefit from a convenient evaluation and comment function: they evaluate the profiles with a simple star rating and can write a comment on the selection.

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Interfaces for seamless integration

prosoftrecruiting© offers a range of practical interfaces with job portals such as eBay and the job board of the German Federal Employment Agency: this enables recruiters to publish their vacancies directly via the software. L1 users benefit from an interface with their temporary staffing software: they can import successful candidates to L1 as employees with a mouse click and not worry about creating new employee profiles from scratch. We also offer interfaces with third-party systems on request.

Interfaces for seamless integration Bild

Minimal effort, maximum rech: 
The multi-posting feature lets you publish your vacancy on 1,600 portals with a single tap of your finger – including 1,200 international portals and 400 German ones.

Competition killer: 
With the multi-posting feature, you not only maximise your candidate reach, you also maximise your competitive advantage.



The choice is yours: 
eBay, StepStone, Indeed, the job board of the German Federal Employment Agency and many more: Compile an individual list of the sites where you want to publish your ads.

Pick your targets: 
Für die Auswahl der perfekten Kanäle gibt es geniale Recruiting KPIs. Zum Beispiel den Indikator, welche Quelle in der Vergangenheit besonders gute Bewerber hervorgebracht hat.


Convenient and practical:                Thanks to the CV parsing feature, candidates can upload their CVs with one click and prosoftrecruiting© automatically transfers all data to the application form.

One-click feature:
If a candidate has already uploaded his or her CV to Indeed, the candidate can upload this with a single click thanks to the CV parsing feature.


Positive candidate experience: 
The CV parser recognises nine file formats (including PDF, DOC, HTML, TIFF and many more) and almost 20 languages.

Skills check:
When the automatic transfer process is complete, you can find all key data about the candidate in the clearly arranged skills database.



Clearly arranged candidate pool:           The user-friendly candidate list offers a practical overview of all contact details, availability, status and much more.

Clever filter function: 
This helps you filter your list based on specific criteria. For instance, you can adjust it to only show candidates with A-levels or equivalent.



Fast communication: 
Give top candidates feedback fast! You can contact suitable candidates via e-mail or phone with just one click.

Information at a glace: 
The vacancy list sums up all important details. Where was an ad published? How many applications have gone in? Filter your selection based on individual criteria using the filter function.


Get more reach: 
The multi-posting feature sends your candidate reach to never-before-seen heights.

Recognise top talent: 
Candidates are all swimming in the same pool – and now our PerfectMatch© feature plucks the best ones from their midst.





Attractive application process: 
The CV parsing feature makes it possible for candidates to upload their CVs comfortably in a matter of seconds. It’s also possible that they have already uploaded their documents to Indeed – these too can be transferred with a single click.

Let it flow:
prosoftrecruiting© then guarantees efficient workflow management. Control all incoming candidate data and documents via the user-friendly dashboard – no matter if you’re using a smartphone, tablet or laptop: the responsive design enables complete flexibility.